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Lineages The History of Man's Excursions into Inner Light and Sound

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Old Versions (click to show/hide)

Version 3

This version was done using FreeMind. This was the first version where the entire family of sant mat groups is on a single mind map.

Version 2

This version was done using Mind 42. In this version, the lineage data was broken down into several mindmaps, each containing a major lineage.
Shiv Dayal Singh
The father of the modern Shabad movement, called Sant Mat
Bhagat Thind Singh
He fought a number of social battles as well as writing a number of Shabad texts. Survived by some very good teachers.
Rebazar Tarzs
This lineage really has two sources. Paul Twitchell almost certainly was initiated by Kirpal Singh. However, Twitchell denies this and claims to have received the Rod of ECK from Rebazar Tarzs, an individual born in the year 1461, in the mountain village of Sarana in northern Tibet. He looks to be in his middle thirties but is thought to be over 500 years old in his physical body.
Other lineages
Here is where I toss several more sant mat lineages

Version 1

I did this version using LaTeX but it has been swallowed up by the Law of Impermanence. I tried hard to keep it around but things rise and they fall and the wheels turn and turn and turn.

Version 0

Version 0 of this mindmap was done by a lady who ran the website. Her website is no longer on the internet, but you can find her in the Wayback Machine. Click on Gurus Chart to see her version.

The realms of Soul Travel. The vibratory streams of God depicted in planes based on increasing density as they emanate from Source.

Light and Sounds Links-A-Go-Go Various Sant Mat hangouts on the internet for your physical plane playing.

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Since joining Radhasoami Studies, I have gotten a lot of feedback on the lineage chart. I toss the most relevant interesting data on lineages in a mailing list. ... Here is my application to The Eureka Society. It includes lots of pictures of me.

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